Growing up reading BMX Plus!, BMX Action, and Freestylin’, there were always amazing photos of guys like Eddie Fiola, Brian Blyther, and Mike Dominguez (to name a few) killing the Pipeline park. As a little kid in New York it was all foreign to me—California, cement parks with full-pipes, and especially the tricks those guys did. I remember seeing Diamondback ads and photos of Mike D. in the ’80s doing 540s over ramp-to-ramp channels and it just didn’t register or make sense. Just yesterday I watched some old footage of Mike and the boys at Pipeline and of some old 2-Hip vert comps, and the riding was so sick. Better than I remembered seeing in those old photos and videos. I definitely yelled “yeah!” “WTF?!” and “no way!” more than a few times. Classic, and still holds up to or beats some of today’s riding.

So Mike Dominguez just turned 40 and his friends threw an awesome party for him. Never did I think when I was that little kid reading those magazines that I’d actually be at a birthday party in California with guys like Fiola, Blyther, and Dominguez all in the same place—especially celebrating one of their birthdays. Kinda trippy…

Happy Birthday, Mike. Thanks for having us at your party, and thanks for inspiring kids across the globe with your riding. Stay rad!