Wow, we can’t even imagine how much time went into making this one! Red Bull dropped this new video featuring Matthias Dandois riding in a ton of different places, while linking all of the clips together almost seamlessly! Amazing riding and film work in this! Take a look!

Flatland BMXer, Matthias Dandois spends his life traveling the world in search of the locations where no BMX ever ridden and inventing new tricks that no one ever tried.

Last November 4th, the Frenchmen won his 7th title of BMX Flat World Champion. By far, the most titled athlete in his discipline!

A bit more one month after this victory, Matthias comes back in the spotlight with a previously unseen video project! He drives the BMX on the edge of the creativity by imagining with his friend Christian Rigal (film director and former rider) a new way of filming their sport.

The technique they invented together is revolutionary: it’s a derivative from the stop motion. It consists in repeating the same succession of tricks in different landscapes bringing a vectorial approach to the image, in 4 dimensions: static shots, traveling shots, circular shots and drone shots. Everything was filmed with a small crew and materials: one camera operator, one drone and one electronic single-wheeled board.

The filming lasted seven intense days. The crew made eight stopovers: Paris, Épinay-sur-Orge, Nantes, Bordeaux, Biarritz, Hossegor, Montpellier and Lyon. Despite bad weather conditions and non-traditional grounds for BMX Flat, they finally made it!

To find the best spots, Matthias engaged his community through his social networks with the hashtag #DandoisChezToi (literally “Dandois at your home”). It allowed him to meet in person the ones who follow his achievements all year long.

Athlete: Matthias Dandois
Directed by: Christian Rigal
Making of by: Pierre Blondel
Filmed by: Christian Rigal / Pierre Blondel
Photography by: Vince Perraud / Pierre Blondel
Mix by: Olivier Daubry
Motion by: Kelly Bolton