Check out this dialed new edit featuring Marc-Andre Bellemare going to work on spots up in Canada for La Cribs! Marc is no stranger to putting his pegs to work, but his double tire and manual balance on rails is crazy. You’ll definitely want to check this out!

Marc-André Bellemare is a carpenter, and he has been on the La Cribs bmx team for three years, to his friends he’s know as Horseman but he's not the only one. He's the Canadian Horseman but there are others in the world.

Everytime horseman does something that only horse people can do we make a horse sound at the spot.

Normally in the summer time I would invite Horseman to come ride with me after closing the bike shop so I can show him some new spot. And then he would kill that spot and probably show me up, even if I had already filmed something there haha. But what can you do he is a HORSEMAN can do whatever he wants” – Arnaud

Marc-André made this video over the last 2 summer between swinging the hammers and doing house maintenance! He would like to thank La Cribs bikeshop for the support, and for always being there for the Montreal bmx scene.

Filmed and edited by Maxime Verville” – DIG