MacNeil had Ruben Alcantara’s new signature frame, handlebars, and stem on hand at the Interbike tradeshow. Ruben’s frame (above) weighs in just over six pounds, has a 20.75″ top tube, a 14.25″ rear end, and a 74-degree head tube. The Ruben frame retails for $300.Ruben’s stem and handlebars (below) were designed to be lightweight, just like his frame. The bars are made with fluted tubing and retail for $72. Ruben’s stem has 53mm of reach and retails for $70.

MacNeil also had its prototype sprocket on hand, and it had a lot of people talking. The chainwheel and grind plate are machined out of one solid block of aluminum so you never have to worry about bolts falling out. This design also saves a lot of weight; in fact, a lot of people were surprised at how light it was. This sprocket won’t be available for a while, and a price hasn’t been set yet.