Name: Lil Jon
Location: Worldwide

Lil Jon stays on the move at all times, and this is the steed he travels the globe on. Far from the typical short and slammed looks of many of today’s bikes, LJ has always kept it consistent with big and tall setups meant for full speed roasting. Check out what he’s been riding as well as what he’s been up to lately. This is only a small bit of what we have cooking with with him–keep an eye out for a longer feature with Jon in the future featuring some things from his time recently spent in California.

Lil Jon poses for a portrait with his bike.

How did you end up becoming a part of the Cult crew?
When I got kicked off Kink, the homies Adam [Roye] and Chase [Hawk] hooked it up.

You and Adam have been boys for a while and you’re always slapping up the stickers he designs all over the place, wherever you are…
Yeah, I’m psyched. It’s dope because it’s partially graffiti and that Adam’s the homie, like Chase.

You ride no brakes and no pegs at the moment which is pretty much how it’s always been, right? Minus the brakes coming on and off. What kind of bikes do you like to ride?
Large. I’m tall, so I need room.

What have you been up to this year? Have you been keeping out of the cold weather?
I was in Austin for a while and while I was there I broke my wrist. Then, I was in Milwaukee and freaked out and came to Long Beach and I’ve just been chillin’. I’m probably going to Spain sometime in Maine.

Let’s talk about Sun Ringle Team Manager Jon Wells, we pretty much have to…
Shit…more than anything, I ride for Jon Wells [laughter]. It’s good looks.

Any last words or thanks?
You know who you are.

Frame: Cult Deathrow, 21.25″
Fork: United Squad
Headset: Cult
Stem: Cult Salvation
Handlebars: Cult Deathrow
Grips: Vans Waffle Grips
Tires: Cult Chase Dehart Tires
Wheels: Sun Shred Hubs with Big Baller Rims
Cranks: Primo Hollowbite
Pedals: Cult Plastic
Sprocket: Cult OS
Chain: Cult 510
Seat: Eclat Oz
Post: Cult Counter
Clamp: Built In