If you’re in the younger crowd, you may only recognize the name Mike Laird from your older brothers copy of Dave Mirra 2, but let me tell you, the man’s been in the game for years and is a certified bad ass on a bike.  Mike’s  custom frames have really gained some notoriety recently, I’ve been seeing custom Laird Frames popping up in higher and higher frequency over the past year or so and this interview really helps shed some light on why that is.  Click play and check out what drives Mike to hand craft from start to finish some of the best frames money can buy.

“Mike is a BMX professional, a welder, a machinist, a father, and a heavy metal music enthusiast. Regardless of what roll he’s playing he is the man behind building one of the best custom frames in BMX. Built from a simple idea, his frames are one of the most sought after products in BMX. Mike walks us through his beginnings in BMX, to turning Professional and how that has transitioned him into crafting his custom frames.

Directed By: Terrell Gordy
Produced By: REEL Visuals
Second Camera: Mark Losey
Music: The Music Bed