Name: Kurtis Elwell
Age: 26
Location: Oroville, California
Sponsors: Primo, Lotek, Solid, and Greenline Cycles

Kurtis Elwell Bike Check

Frame: Solid v2 20.75″ top tube, 13.75″ rear end
Fork: Fit Blade lite
Bars: Fit NW
Stem: Solid
Grips: Primo Stricker
Barends: Fit Cleveland
Headset: FSA?
Clamp: S&M
Seatpost: Primo
Seat: Primo Nathan Williams RIP
Cranks: Primo Hollowbite 175mm
Sprocket: Primo 25-tooth
Chain: Shadow
Brakes: Lotek
Front Tire: Primo Dirt Monster 2.20"
Front Wheel: Primo n4 hub w/Balance rim 36-hole
Rear Tire: Primo Comit 2.10"
Rear Wheel: Primo Mix, 36-hole, w/ti-axle and Primo Balance prototype made from magnesium. It's super light and holding up so far.
Hub Guard: G-Sport front and rear
Pegs: Macneil
Pedals: Primo Stricker plastic

Modifications/Other/Extras: I cut my bars 1/2″, tighten the pedals when I put them on (so they don't spin so easy), cut my axles flush, and I cut my dropouts to shorten the rear end.

How much air pressure do you run in your tires?
110 to 120—I just like the way it feels.

Do you really ride your bike everywhere, when was the last time you started your car?
I drive the family car to go shopping and stuff like that, but for the most part I live close to work and the park so I've been on my bike a lot lately. I tried to start my car the other day, but the battery was dead. It's been sitting for like three weeks or something.

Have you always kept your bike running smooth, or is it only dialed because you work at a shop?
I've always had a smooth bike when I lived in Oroville.  Dax, my boss at Greenline Cycle is real good about me workin' on my bike and even when the homies come in town if their bikes need some help I can work on them. My buddy Dirt came up last weekend and I put like five hours into his bike on the clock and the boss never said a word.