Seems like it's been a minute since Know Your Roll has tackled a basic cassette hub. Well, it looks like it'll be a bit longer, because this week, we'll be looking at the return of Wethepeople's Supreme hub set. You can tell it's not you're average cassette just by the name, get it? You see, "supreme" means "better than all others", so by definition you're getting a hub that's far better than basic; being that these hubs are built with the Q-Lite pawl system, you're definitely buying something that lives up to its name. But, since this is an educational column and there's a good chance that if you're reading this, you weren't around for the original Q-Lite hubs, you're probably pretty confused as to why you should care. Keep reading, kiddies!

Explaining what makes the Q-Lite system unique is actually easier to get through than my opening paragraph – WTP pioneered this system by switching the placement of the pawls & springs, meaning the pawls are installed on the inside of the 6061-T6 alloy hub shell, and the ratchet is on the driver. This allows for more solid engagement, as there are more pawls & springs than your average hub, and also makes the entire thing more durable. I can vouch for this, as I ran the original Q-Lite system with a male axle for nearly 3 years with no troubles. While the Q-Lite system isn't new, it has been updated to include RHD/LHD reversibility, which helps saves bike shop inventory space by reducing SKU's. Reversing the engagement system isn't the only unique feature, however, as the Supreme also features a 14mm, 4130 chromoly hollow female axle, which is held together by 12mm bolts. Rather than go with the popular 17mm axle which reduces axle material, WTP went with the 14mm/12mm system which allows the axle to be thicker & stronger; in fact, the WTP test team has yet to break one, no matter how hard they've tried. Don't worry about adapters that can easily go missing, as the 12mm bolts actually feature 14mm heads so they sit flush in the dropouts, and there's even an extra set of bolts for those pegless guys out there, so you guys won't even need any washer to take up space. Other key features include the German-made IGOS driver bushing, which increases strength by allowing the axle diameter through the driver to be larger, and also reduces rolling resistance. Finally, a 2nd bearing on the non-drive side further dissipates bearing load, which means your hub will roll smoother for way longer.

I did mention that this was a hub set, right? Guess we can't forget that there's a Supreme front hub as well, which features a matching 6061-T6 alloy hubshell, quality Japanese sealed bearings, and extra-long 10mm 4130 bolts, giving extra clearance for those dropout-aping plastic pegs. Alloy hubguards that take the place of the axle collars are currentl available, but if you prefer plastic, watch out for nylon guards dropping in the spring. The We The People Supreme hubset is available in either black or polished, and will set you back $79.99 for the front, and $189.99 for the rear. Hubguards are available separately: alloy front guard, $19.99, alloy rear hubguard, $29.99, rear driver guard, $35.99. Look for more photos and info on in the near future, and head over to or your favorite Wethepeople shop to lace them up now.


Material: 6061-T6 alloy refined hub-shell

Axle: 4130 chromoly female axle – 3/8″ thread

Bearings: 2 high quality Japanese sealed bearings

Spokes: 36h

Features: Alloy CNC’d cones

Weight: 262g (9.24oz)

Colors: Black or Polished

Hub Guards: Alloy available, Nylon coming 2016

MSRP – $79.99



Material: 6061-T6 alloy refined hub-shell

Axle:: 4130 crmo female axle 12mm thread bolt with 14mm extension

Bearings: 3 high quality Japanese sealed bearings

Spokes: 36h

Driver: 9t only

Full IGOS bushing driver system

Q-Lite system. Ratchet is machined into 1pc driver for maximum strength.

WTP-unique 12mm female bolt system.

Two bearings on non-drive side to increase hub life

Switch drive LHD/RHD system, new one piece pawl & spring system

Weight: 391g (13.79oz)

Colors: Black or Polished

Hub Guards: Alloy available, Nylon coming 2016

MSRP: $189.99

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