We The People is one of those brands that thinks way outside of the Taiwanese catalog, and delivers. Every. Single. Time. German engineering at it's finest. We The People have been pushing manufacturing to it's limits to bring us great products and a reasonable price.


Typically, I take a look at this parts and give pointers and poke fun at the companies or their riders/employees. But this We The People Patron frame is so intense, I will be using a lot of the words Dave Paterson (WTP's product designer) had sent in, with my schtick tossed in here and there.


"The Patron is built using all higher quality Sanko Japanese seamless 4130 chromoly tubing, compared to a lot of other frames on the market that use cheaper Taiwanese made tubing."

WTP goes above and beyond to find the best tubing to use for their frames. Giving themselves a leg up against other brands. Quality materials can only make quality parts.


"The D-Shape chain stays. They make the frame incredibly stiff on the rear end, allow more space for over 2.40" sized tires and also make the stays a lot harder to dent."

This is a huge positive for all of you peg hungry kids who can do a million grinds on a foot tall ledge but don't have the nerve to ask your best friends sister out on a date. Less dents means less complaining on Instagram about "shitty frames" and keeps your ride looking fresh.


"The frame uses invest casted 7mm thick dropouts with removable chain tensioners to dial in the back end."

Ah, yes, chain tensioners, almost a thing of the past until we figured out(or just looked at the past in bicycle manufacturing) how to incorporate them into our drop outs. These little guys allow you to set up your rear wheel exactly where it needs to be to do amazing crank flips.


"We use an invest cast seat clamp on the Patron, which gives it a real smooth and fluidic look. Not many brands are using invest casted seat clamps, as they can be very tricky to do right."

This is another example of WTP stepping up their manufacturing game. Tackling a difficult task like this is what they're amazing at, and always come up with amazing results. I can't drag this on, it's a seat clamp, it looks amazing, and works well.


"This frame was developed with our PRO team and was designed as our super tough street frame. The frame uses modern street geometry, so a steep 75.5 degree head tube and a shorter 13.4" chain stay making it perfect for technical street riding."

Years ago, there was once a frame called the "Kink Fiend," which had, at the time a steep headtube, which, by today's standards is not steep. This frame holds street very close to it's heart, and has all the right bells and whistles that the WTP Pro team approves.


“The Patron has been the frame of choice for a lot of the guys on the team such as Dillon Lloyd, Ed Zunda and Felix Prangenberg. The Patron, as well as ALL of their aftermarket frames are fully backed up with a Lifetime Guarantee. Not many bike brands are offering that these days. WTP stands strong behind their products.”

Lastly, The Patron frame comes in 20.75" or 21.15", with a 13.4" chainstay length. Bottom bracket comes in at the standard 11.7" Mid bottom bracket, and the standover is 8.5". Coming in Trans Green, Ice Blue, or Glossy Black.


Want more info on the WTP Patron Frame? Hit up the Wethepeople site!

And if you’re looking to purchase a WTP frame or product of any time, they’re proudly distributed by QPB in the USA…