Finally, the 2016 election cycle has been completed, and boy has it been an exhausting one. No matter which side of the political spectrum you may fall on, we could all surely use some relief as the country figures out how to move forward from all of this, and everyone has their own source of relief. For many, sweet release can be found in the sweet leaves of marijuana, and after becoming one of the first states to truly popularize pot for medicinal use, the residents of the Golden State voted yesterday to fully legalize recreational use of weed by its constituents. While not the first to do so, Cali’s legalization will help shift the attitudes of those wary of nationwide acceptance, but it’s been accepted in the S&M offices long before the rest of the state embraced it. With yesterdays historic vote, timing couldn’t have been more perfect for the release of their “Sweet Leaf” colorway on selected components.
S&M have never been shy about their relationship with the sweet leaf. Remember their early 2000’s ad where they turned a trendy triple clamp race fork into a bong? Probably not, because that ad was banned in the magazine way back when. But you’ve probably seen the ever-popular Revenge Dakine grips, which helped boost the popularity of the brand which was birthed in-house at S&M. The popularity of their all-over print Shield graphics on anodized parts such as stems and sprockets has allowed them to branch out into more diverse options like assorted camos and Hoder’s BTM option, so adding Sweet Leaf to the mix seems like a perfect addition to the lineup. Rather than go with the traditional green leaf, S&M went with a classy/neutral black and silver combo; the wrap still stands out, but blends in much easier than green (or purple if that’s your strand of choice) ever would. The Sweet Leaf option can be found on the X-Man guard sprocket, Shredneck and Enduro V2 stems, and on both versions of their alloy compression cap. Pick them up today from S&M directly or from your local S&M dealer; the stems are available now for $74.99, the X-Man guard sprocket rings up at $79.99, the S&M/Fit compression cap is $10.99 while the more universal M24 cap is $13.99. Pick these up now before they go up in smoke, as S&M produced these in limited numbers. For more team news and product knowledge, click on now.