I'll be the first to admit that I scoffed at portable rails when they first hit the BMX market. "There are flat rails everywhere" and "why don't you just make one yourself" were the first things that popped into my head, and I know I wasn't alone in thinking that. Sure, there are flat rails everywhere… if you live in an urban environment. And yeah, maybe if your buddy's dad builds race cars, you can get your own flat rail welded up pretty easily, but for the rest of the BMX populace, flat rails might not be that easy to find. Maybe you're incredibly busy and the little amount of free time you have prevents you from taking your bike past the end of your driveway. These are just a few of the hundreds of reasons why it makes sense for some riders to pick up a pre-built, portable flat rail, but maybe you're one of the thousands of riders who just want to practice the hottest new grinds with the utmost convenience. If that's the case, then the S&M Slidepipe might be the perfect addition to your riding arsenal.

Constructed in the good ol' USA from 8 feet of zinc-plated steel, the S&M Slidepipe doesn't seen much different than other portable flat rails at first glance. What sets the Slidepipe apart from it's competitors (aside from it's origin), is the ability to change the angle of the rail itself. The Slidepipe is built with adjustable hinges that connect the rail itself to its base, not only allowing height adjustment from 12" to 21", but also allowing the rail to be set up on stairs or banks while keeping the rubber-coated feet planted solidly on the ground. The hinges are easily adjustable with tools you should already have in your toolbag, and the angles can be changed in minutes. Furthermore, if you're looking to ride an uprail without the needed assistance of a bank or stairs, just bolt on the included Third Leg attachment, which allows multiple angles of up to 10 degrees.

Spring is almost here, but if the itch to ride is driving you insane, the S&M Slidepipe is available now for basement/garage riding. Spice up your driveway sessions and turn your mom's front porch 5 stair into your newest training ground for only $279.99; if 8' isn't enough pipe for you, you can also pick up the Extenz kit for $139.99, adding 4' of grindability. If you just can't get enough pipe, the $24.99 Connector Kit will allow you to connect as many Slidepipes as you can afford together for maximum slideage. Pick up your Slidepipe now from Dans Comp, your local S&M dealer or from S&M themselves. If you head over to the S&M site, you can check out how easy it is to adjust your Slidepipe with S&M's handy "Erection Process" guide, and keep paying attention to the Ride site, as we just might have an edit popping up in the next few weeks with some of your favorite riders putting the Slidepipe to the test.

8' Long
2.25" Diameter
Zinc Plated
Recycled-Rubber, Non-Slip Feet
Tools Needed: 17mm crescent, 13mm crescent, 6mm hex