Text by Brien Kielb

It's no secret that the S&M team is stacked full of heavy hitters with assorted styles, and their cache of frames is as varied as their team roster. From race rigs to trail slayers, flat frames to street stalwarts, it's likely that you can find something torched to your liking in The Building. But if you're the type of rider that prefers their ride to be low-slung and whip-prone, you might've been looking for frames from totally different manufacturers. Chris Moeller & company are eager to please BMXers of all shapes and styles, so to cater to the park crowd, they've created the Dagger frame. Do sharp turns and snappy rear ends pique your interests? Follow along if so…

Although not a signature frame, the S&M Dagger was created for a specific type of rider. The Building's own Tyler Halvorsen, master of quality control, helped design this as an ode to his Midwest skatepark roots. Not all of the legendary indoor parks of the midschool era have met their demise; this column is being written from inside the walls of the last remaining Chenga World, where I can assure you that park rats still run rampant, flocking to ride the only resi-spine & hitching post in town. Being a known S&M dealer, it wouldn't shock me at all to see Daggers popping up sooner than later on the decks, but why is this frame so appealing to our patrons? Well, probably the first thing you'll notice when checking out the Dagger is the ultra-low top tube, with a standover height of only 7.25". While not as low as some of the scooter-style frames of the mid-aughts, keeping the top tube closer to the ground makes it easier to find the pedals when working on whips and can-cans, and I guess theoretically it keeps the weight a little more centered by keeping the seat closer to the pedals when twirling the bike around. I'm no engineer, so don't take my word on that. I can, however, state that slamming the rear end to only 12.8" will surely tick your rotational speed up a notch, and the 75.3 degree head tube will make nose wheelies and footjam variations a breeze. I wonder how today's park innovators would fare if someone swapped their current rigs out with an OG Holmes frame? Maybe it'd be like warmup weights on a baseball bat, making trick attempts on the Dagger even easier.

You can't talk about an S&M frame without mentioning some of their standard features, like TrueTemper 4130 double-butted tubing, 4Q heat-treated 14mm dropouts, removable seat stay brake mounts and integrated chain tensioners. The Dagger is definitely a frame that appeals to Gyro enthusiasts, so it's no surprise to see the integrated headtube drilled for detangler tabs. Finally, the weight; park riders are notorious weight weenies, but at only 5lbs for the 21" model, this should meet the demands of most. If it's a few ounces too heavy for you, just break out the drill and throw your warranty card in the trash!

Let's be clear – the new S&M Dagger might not be for everyone, but then again, neither is the CCR. If foam pits and mini-ramps are your terrain of choice, consider taking a stab at the Dagger for your next build. It's available now where all S&M goods are sold, starting out at $359.99. You've got 3 sizes (20.5", 20.75, 21") and 3 colors (gloss black, Sublime Green and chrome) to choose from; for more information, head over now to www.sandmbikes.com. Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go kick some kids out of the park for vaping again.


Top Tube Lengths: 20.5", 20.75", 21"

Rear End Length: 12.8" – 13.6"

Head Tube Angle: 75.3°

Head Tube Style: Integrated (45°/45°, 41.8mm)

Seat Tube Angle: 71°

Seat Clamp: Integrated

Seat Post Size: 1" (25.4)

Bottom Bracket Height: 11.6"

Bottom Bracket Style: Mid

Standover Height: 7.25"

Brake Mount Style: Thread-on (mounts sold separately)

Dropouts: 14mm Slot, 4Q-Baked, Integrated Chain Tensioners

Gyro Tabs: Removable

Weight: 20.5": 4.90lbs / 2.22kgs
20.75": 4.95lbs / 2.24kgs
21": 5.00lbs / 2.26kgs

Tubeset: Double-Butted True Temper 4130 CrMo

Colors: Gloss Black ($354.95), Sublime ($364.95) Chrome ($419.95)

If you’re in the market for a new frame, or anything else, check out JRbicycles.com for loads of BMX products…