Well before the Shawn Mac's and the Craig Passero's there were an older generation of riders, looking to strengthen good quality parts and make them into great quality parts, so Primo took a "bite" out of the GT Power Series cranks and created the original Powerbite cranks. Today, this is the second incarnation of the Powerbites, in the PBV2's.

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Starting off, Primo has shied away from the 3 piece design to bring out an aluminum 2 piece. This means that the spindle is made to be stuck in one crank arm, in this case, allowing that arm to not have pinch bolts to hold it onto the spindle, which gives a clean look.

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The original Powerbites utilized a square spindle, much like road bikes, but after time if you rode these, you'd start to get the dreaded creaking sound as the inside of the arms would start to round out a little bit, giving some movement when you rode. They have since adopted the 16 spline, which gives more places for the spindle and the crank arm to meet, and eliminates extra pieces, and lock in for a tighter, less noisy ride that these cranks were known for.

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Now if you're really old, you remember the original Powerbites were just threaded for a pedal, with no insert of any kind. This led to a lot of pedals being stuck in the arm, resulting in either cutting and costing you a pedal, or getting a whole new crank arm. Primo over the years has tried to remedy this with a few different tricks, but this time, they've got it. Using steel, they used a two piece style pedal insert that is pressed in from both sides, and locks together for strength, and ease of mind while getting pedals on and off your cranks.

Maintaining the original look of the OG Powerbites, these cranks come in Black, Polished and the beloved Oil Slick. Cranks are left and right hand drive compatible, coming in lengths of 170mm and 175mm. Retailing around $164.95, with a little extra cost for Oil Slick, get yourself to your favorite bike shop or mail order and get yourself some!

Tools need: 6mm and 8mm allen wrench, grease. Make sure you grease the spindle on the splines!

For more info on these, and more, check out primobmx.com