Tony Neyer has been a member of the Primo family for nearly a decade, and that kind of loyalty in the tumultuous world of BMX sponsorships has its perks. Younger riders just joining the squad look up to you as a leader, and will look to you for guidance not only in riding, but in playing the game that is being a professional bike rider. You'll probably get the best seat in the van on road trips, and maybe you'll even get the last section in the next team DVD (errrr, Instagram edit?). But at 10 years on a brand, if you don't have a signature part, it might be time to renegotiate your contract. Luckily, Tony's got a few Primo products with his name on it, and today we'll be looking at his Aneyerlator V3 topload stem.

The Aneyerlator V3 stem follows in the path of its predecessors by machining a block of 7075 billet aluminum and tapping 6 hardened chromoly 6mm clamp bolts in the necessary locations, but unlike many "new versions" of products with changes so subtle that they actually need research to figure out, the biggest change is impossible not to notice; the V3 stem makes the leap from front to top load, marking a big change for Neyer's personal ride. Tony grew up riding front load stems, but the V3 saw him looking to add some height to his front end. The end result is a jump to 25mm of rise, while keeping the 51mm reach of the previous versions. Excessive cutouts are nowhere to be found with the V3; instead, we find dignified machining on the top cap and sides, removing excess weight without exposing your steer tube or bars. It'll be tough to notice the compression bolt as well, as the new Aneyerlator features a recessed stem cap area for a clean look. Finishing touches included chamfered edges, solid stem bolts for extra strength, and a laser-etched top cap.

The Aneyerlator V3 stem has been on the market for a hot minute, and even after a rough 2015 for Tony, it doesn't look like it'll be going anywhere for a while. Get yours now from Dan's Comp or your favorite Primo retailer; it's available in 5 colors, and is priced between $59.99-74.99 depending on your finish of choice. Pick up yours today, and if you really wanna support Tony, consider bolting on one of his signature sprockets or copping a tee from Thee Block.