Lotek is one of the last few remaining rider owned shoe companies in existence. From classic looks to sweet colors ways, Lotek keeps it fresh. Let's dive in and take a look at the Fader.


The Fader is Craig Passero's signature model shoe that sports a low top profile for a very simple, classic look. These kicks have a very grippy sole, which will help keep your feet planted on those plastic pedals of yours. I don't know how all of you kids ride in these low-top style shoes, but you guys don't seem to complain, so I won't question. These shoes feature waxed laces to help with keeping the shoes looking dialed.


The outsoles are Vulcanized, which means treating the outside with sulfur at a high temperature to make the rubber harder, which helps the shoes last a bit longer. This also helps with the grip of the shoes for Vader nose manuals and flexibility when doing footjam trickery.


The Fader boasts a breathable mesh tongue which helps keep those stinky ass feet of your breath after all of those crooked grinds on foot tall rails and ledges. The insole will protect your feet from jumping off those aforementioned foot tall rails and ledges and allow for maximum comfort while walking to your friend's girlfriend's you "accidentally" found on Tinder.


Craig's shoe comes in Black/White, Camo, Black/Gum, and Brown/White and Grey, in a size run from 8-13. Retail on these WHAMMO machines are $64.95, and can be found at better bike shops and mail orders alike.

For more photos of these, and other Lotek Brand shoes, check out lotekbrand.com