Designing a new frame probably seems like an easy task for your average rider; pick some geometry that works, pick a color or two of your choosing and these days, graphics might even me an afterthought. That plan of attack might be straightforward enough for a signature frame, but when designing something that’s aims to appeal to a wider group of riders, it’s not so simple. Thankfully, Kink has a pretty solid group of riders both on the team and in the warehouse, so coming up with a design like the Titan II wasn’t all that difficult.

While not exactly labeled as such, the Kink Titan frame has become the defacto frame for pro & amateur team riders alike, which should tell you something about its rideability. Full 4130 seamless Sanko chromoly with double butted & gusseted top/down tubes makes up the majority of the construction, while a CNC-machined head tube & bottom bracket make up a few more of the important parts. Being that this is the 2nd version of the Titan, the investment-cast dropouts with integrated chain tensioners have been redesigned for extra strength, while the same goes for the investment-cast seatstay bridge that makes more contact with the tubing, making the entire rear end stronger. Finally, the other significant change made to the Titan is the slightly lower bottom bracket (11.6″) and shorter rear end (13″ slammed) will speed up those spins just a little bit while still allowing for crooked grind clearance.

The Kink Titan II frame is available now from all Kink dealers and mailorders. Pick up whichever of the five top tube sizes (20″, 20.5″, 20.75″, 21″, 21.25″) fits you in one of three different color options (ED Black, Matte Trans Purpskurp, LA Gold) for only $299.99. At that price, and with those color/size options, expect to see this value-packed frame pop up under the feet of riders everywhere this summer. For more info on the full Kink frame & component lineup, point your browser to, and don’t forget the Instagram follow @kinkbmx.