The boys in Rochester did it again. Kink stepped their game up and created the Astro Spline and Bolt drive 4130 Chromoly Steel sprocket!
The Astro sprocket is super thin and super light, thanks to it being made from the same material as your frame/fork/bars etc. Using heat treated 4130 Chromoly Steel makes this sprocket super strong for being super thin, 4.5mm thin to be exact! Kink used a super space age design to be totally out of this world! For some of you who didn’t look at Porn Hub and Tinder during science class will recognize that the design is that of an atom, not Atom Man from The Simpsons. Using arched triangular shapes, they were able to get the most out of the little bit of material used.
Coming in wussy 25T, Pre-Adolescent 28T, and Ultra Man 30T sizes, you have a choice between traditional bolt drive, that will work with 19mm, 22mm and 15/16" spindles. Whereas the Spline Drive option will only work with 19mm spindles. This bad mother comes in Black, or Polished, weighs around 3oz, and will run you $39.95.

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