I can remember the exact moment when I’d learned of the passing of Dave Mirra. I had just finished my shift at Ray’s MTB and made my way to the bowl deck to take my daily laps before heading home, when my phone began buzzing in my pocket. “Is this Mirra shit a joke?” was one of the first texts I saw; not knowing what my friend was talking about, I made my way to Twitter and quickly figured out what the inquiry meant. Any desire to actually ride that day quickly left my body as the news ran through my mind – one of the most legendary riders of all time, someone who was such a big part of the BMX world during my adolescent years figuring out how to ride, whose video games I’d played for hundreds of hours, whose Meganuke sprocket was the first aftermarket part I’d bolted onto my first Hoffman complete, who I’d watched ride in complete amazement at my first BMX contest in Long Island in 1999 and shared beers with at an FBM Christmas party years later, had taken his own life. I was in shock. It didn’t take long for tributes throughout the BMX world to start rolling in, and one I immediately took part in was painting my pedals gold. While Dave’s last brand, Mirraco, wasn’t really in much of a functioning state, it seemed almost a given that the brand that helped make him the name that he was, Haro, would eventually pay tribute to their greatest team rider of all time. Just past the first anniversary of his death, the ultimate tribute is finally making its way to consumers, with the release of the 2018 Haro Dave Mirra Tribute Pro Model.
          Based off of his legendary 2000 Haro pro model, which graced the cover of his first video game and was released the year that he pulled the first double backflip in X-Games history, the Mirra Tribute bike takes the gorgeous candy red & chrome colorway of the original and slaps it on a modern machine worthy of the comeback Dave was rumored to be working on prior to his passing. If you’re aware of the history of Haro’s manager John Buultjens, known throughout the cycling industry as the worlds #1 Haro historian, it’s no surprise to see the detail that went into creating this bike. Not only is the paint the main throwback, but no Mirra tribute would be complete without the infamous fat white padded seat, which helped to usher in cushier saddles to the BMX world. There are plenty of other signature touches as well – chainstay-mounted brakes, a modern mini Meganuke sprocket, whitewall tires and chrome rims. Like other Haro throwback models, this bike is more than just a pretty ride – it’s designed to be ridden as hard as any other bike in their lineup. Full 4130 chromoly construction throughout, 8.75″ bars, ramp-friendly 2.4″ La Mesa tires and weighing in at 26lbs, no one would bat an eye if you showed up on your local vert ramp ready to drop in on this thing.
          Much like the rest of Haro’s Lineage line, the Haro 2018 Dave Mirra Tribute Pro Model can be yours by hitting up your dealer now to place a $100 deposit in anticipation of its July arrival date. If you don’t want to pay inflated eBay prices after the fact, get your deposit in now to guarantee you’ll only pay $799 when it his the shores of the United States, as I’m sure that this will sell out as soon as possible. One last detail that can’t be forgotten – a large portion of each sale will be going directly to Dave’s family, so if you needed any more inspiration to get one of these on the first go, there you have it. For more information on the Mirra complete and the rest of the Haro line, be sure to make your way to HaroBikes.com/BMX, and be sure to keep tabs on what the team is doing on Instagram @harobmx.