Well gang, Interbike has officially come & gone. I have to imagine you’ve checked out our coverage of the show, and hopefully you’re all satisfied with this years NORA results. If you’ve ever worked or attended an Interbike show, you’ll understand why I’m waiting another week or two to begin harassing brand managers for new product details, as it takes a few days just to decompress from the long, hard week and then comes the task of catching up on dozens of emails from team riders, shops, distributors and groms asking to be sponsored. So, we'll continue our roll out of 2017 complete bikes by this week focusing on one of Fit's entry level street machines, the Mac 1.

The Fit Mac 1 is Shawn Mcintosh's signature model, one of seven entry-level completes modeled after the rides of assorted Fit team members. The Mac 1 takes its styling cues from the original trans teal Mac frame, which was a huge hit when first released, but also comes in traditional black to cater to the masses. The Mac 1 frameset is built primarily with high tensile steel, but features 4130 chromoly tubes in the places you need extra strength the most – the top/down/seat tubes, fork steer tube and the crossbar of the 2-piece 9" tall handlebars. The geometry is of the modern variety, with an shorter top tube (20.25") catering to the little guys just jumping to a 20", and an equally short rear end (13.11") to aid in learning hops & spins. The rest of the Fit Mac 1 is filled with assorted Fit parts, some of which you'll find on even their top-end completes. If you run down the full lineup of Fit bikes as compared to other brands out there, you might notice that their pricing starts a little higher than most of their competitors, but there's a good reason for that – Fit completes not only come with better components (sealed hubs, Barstool pivotal saddle, alloy Key sprocket, Mac pedals), but they also don't come with any outdated equipment. Sure, you can find name brand beginners completes priced well under $300, but many of them come equipped with parts that can't be easily upgraded, such as press-fit headsets and American bottom brackets. The Fit completes, even at $399, come stock with many parts that won't need upgrading at all, but if you ever do find the need to swap them out, you won't need to dig through the clearance section of your local shop or scour the internet to find compatible components. Sometimes it pays off in the long run to spend a little more up front, and I can bet that if you asked anyone who's purchased a Fit complete in the past few years, they'll tell you the same thing.

The 2017 Fit Mac 1 complete bike is available now from Dans Comp and any other dealer affiliated with The Building. As previously mentioned, the Mac 1 retails for $399.99 in either trans teal or black, and if you're looking to get a real deal Mac frame, that's also still available for $354.99. For more info on the Mac 1 and the rest of the 2017 Fit completes, check out the Fit website now and stay tuned to KYR for more post-Interbike product features.