I wanted to start this weeks KYR off with a concise explanation of centrifugal force and its relation to rotational weight, but lets not pretend that this isn't a BMX website and knock the technicality down a few pegs. I’ll make this simple: go take your front wheel off, grab each side of the axle & spin the wheel. Notice how it's easy to hold straight, but gets all topsy turvy when you turn left or right? The more weight you add to your wheel, the harder it'll be to turn it. Then realize that you're bike has two of these wheels, plus 15lbs of other assorted metals and think about how hard those 540hops can be. THIS is why rotational weight, which is affected drastically by the weights of your spokes, rims and rubber, means so much when cutting weight from your bike. I don't know if I'll ever advocate the use of titanium spokes, but I'm all for dropping material from the tires and rims… if strength isn't compromised. It's no secret that street riding is the most hazardous genre of BMX when it comes to encountering flats, and while there are numerous options of lightweight tires available to purchase right this minute, the majority of those are designed for trails, ramp, or race use – which is all well and good, they function how they're designed, but when it comes to withstanding the abuse of grinds, wallrides and everyday shit in the street, their longevity could be a costly gamble. Éclat decided that it’s time to fill that gap in the market, so with that comes their new Mirage foldable & steel bead tires.

Éclat’s new Mirage tires, as light as they are, don’t seem like they’re built for much abuse at first glance, but looking at the spec list immediately tells you otherwise. Working from the outside in, the Mirage tires feature a dual compound tread with a multi-surface tread pattern, designed to work well on all surfaces while still rolling fast. The outer edge just above the sidewall is built to protect the sidewall itself on grinds, and the 120tpi inner construction protects from punctures while also saving weight. The Mirage tires are built with a “silkshield” layer as well, which I believe is a Kevlar-like addition to increase the strength of the rubber . Rated for 110psi (perfect tire pressure for flat landings), the Mirage tire comes in 4 different options: 2.25″ and 2.35″, and both steel and Kevlar beads.

The Éclat Mirage tires are available now at all Éclat retailers & mailorders. The Mirage tire will retail between $32.99 – 38.99, depending on your choice of steel bead for foldable. The steel bead version weighs in 20oz(2.25″) and 21.7oz(2.35″), and the extra $6 will save about 2oz per tire, which can make way more a difference than you’d think, depending on your riding style. For more on the 2017 Éclat product lineup, check out eclatbmx.com now and don’t forget to follow the brand on Instagram at @eclatbmxbrand and @eclatbmxparts.