It’s time for Colony Bikes to roll out their 2018 line of products, this year coming from a new location in Portland, run by team rider Paddy Gross. Colony’s put a lot of effort into their complete bikes over the last few years, and with the new batch of products, the Premise complete is an instant eye-catcher when strolling down the BMX aisle at your local shop. Built with a full 4130 chromoly frame & fork, I can’t tell if this bike would be better deemed as a “street” or “park” machine, as it features a 75.2 degree head tube angle, a 13.25″ rear end, a low 8″ standover height and welded seatstay brakes. Maybe you should just ride everything with it? I mean, all you really need to do is add pegs and it can handle just about whatever you can throw at it. It’s got plenty of other modern amenities like 9″ bars, a high-rise topload stem, sealed hubs & double walled rims on both ends, and perhaps my favorite feature – 8-spline cranks WITHOUT pinch bolts! Mechanically, they work just fine but aesthetically, they are the ugliest cranks around & a tell-tale sign of a stock setup, so seeing the new pinch-free version on the Premise is a huge upgrade in my eyes.

The Colony Premise complete is available now at all Colony dealers & at your favorite BMX mailorder of choice. The Premise retails at $499.99, and there’s a lot of value packed into that $500. Take your pick of gun metal gold w/rainbow (AKA oil slick) parts, or matte purple with black, which comes with some slick looking white stripe-walled tires. If you’re in Colony’s native Australia, you can also pick from a limited run of metal gold & teal bikes, but if you’re in the US, you get a bike with the brake lever on the right side. For more on Colony’s full bike & component lineup, head over to, and don’t forget to follow the brand on Instagram @colonybmxbrand. This has been Know Your Roll – signing off.