The definition of an "all-purpose tire", to me, is in the eye of the beholder, not in the one writing the ad copy. As far as functionality goes, there are tons of tires that roll fast, grip well and look good, and many of them do their job with little variability no matter what surface they're rolling over, but from the view of the consumer, it seems like every rider is looking for something different. Some people want fat width to help cushion those flat landings, while others want the lightest tire possible because an extra ounce of rotational weight will kill the speed of their 1080's. Hell, some kids actually want their tires to squeak like basketball shoes! Maybe you want something right in the middle of all of those distinctions, but maybe you also want something that is easily discernible. Look no further my friend, because I think I have a tire for you – the new Colony Griplock.

Before we get into the technical aspects of Colony's new Griplock rubber, let's first talk about the look. At first glance, the tread pattern seems like it's all over the place, but once you look closely, you'll notice that the tread is directional, but that it almost seems like one pattern merged with another pattern. Most riders still make the majority of their moves going forward, but with the continued growth of freecoaster riders in the BMX world, adding grooves that help with grip in less than traditional directions might not be a bad thing. That said, the Griplock tire has features that appeal to a wide audience of riders, starting with an initial offering of 2.35" and a slimmer 2.2" version coming in early 2017. The 110psi rated tire is built with 60tpi casing, which increases the strength of the actual tread in cases of pinch flats & small pieces of debris you might run across, and also helps keep the weight down to respectable 22.2oz. If you're one of those kids into squeaky tires, the micro-knurling on the tread might not be music to your ears, but the added traction will surely make up for the silence. And if you want color, the Griplock of course comes in your standard all black, but it also comes in purple, dark grey, blue, emerald green, and a color they're calling "Grey Storm", which is black coated with a smoky grey pattern. One note with the Grey Storm – the smoke effect is not molded into the tire, so the longer you ride, the more the black underneath will stand out.

The Colony Griplock tire is available now at Dans Comp and all Colony retailers. The Colony Griplock retails for only $26.99, regardless of your choice of color. Be on the lookout for the 2.2" version coming in early 2017, and stay connected to Colony on Instagram by following @ColonyBMXbrand now.