No matter what the current trends in BMX dictate, brakes will always be an important component to consider when building a new bike. I always stress the importance of brakes to young riders who are just figuring out bike control because there are some basic skill-set stepping stones that shouldn't be passed over. There's also a world of tricks available to you that actually look better with brakes – just check out this past weekend's Baco-A-Go-Go jam for proof, or anything that Rick Moliterno & Rob Ridge are doing.

Now that I've made my case for brakes, let's look at Colony's Brethren U-brake setup. The Brethren is a revision from their previous Transformer brake in that it now has the clearance to fit the ever-popular 2.4" and larger tires, featuring CNC-machined aluminum arms, embossed logos and low profile springs for the rare breed of rider still running chain stay-mounted brakes (available on Colony's Prody frame). The Brethren kit comes with clear brake pads, which are extra sticky and provide better braking power for anodized rims when compared to stock black pads. The importance of a solid straddle cable hanger is not lost on Colony, and they've provided a machined aluminum hanger here to increase straddle cable stiffness.

The Brethren brake tips the scales at only 6oz., and is available in black, polished, red, purple and jet-fuel tints. The importance of brakes is not lost on Colony, as they provide not only replacement parts for the Brethren, but a full selection of detanglers, cables and brake mounts for their past & present models. Check out the full selection of brake components at, and give your favorite shop or mailorder a shout to start stopping better today.