In my continuing quest to catch up to riders half of my age, I've been messing around with crooked grinds on my Sunday Broadcaster. At age 33 I've finally started to figure them out, but in pursuit to figure out a good "modern" setup, I'm currently running 2.4" tires on both ends of my bike. I like the extra grip provided by the larger contact patch, and I now understand why street riders prefer the larger size when landing flat, but one problem I have run into is catching my sidewall on crooked grinds & other rail tricks. The rubber I have now consists of a seemingly softer compound, and I've gone OTB more than once when the sidewall starts rubbing against a rail. I guess this issue could be solved with some wax, but as much as I'm trying to adapt to modern times, like a lot of riders that grew up in the time before plastic pegs & colored, molded overpriced wax blocks, my solution to speeding up grinds has always been to go faster. The other day, I threw on an older 2.2" tire I had lying around the house, thinking that maybe that would do the trick, but like the first soft tire I had just replaced, I still caught my sidewall. Seems like brands have been paying attention to this the last few years and are releasing tires that are more grind-friendly, and with a slew of other street-oriented signature products, it only makes sense that Sunday came up with a solution for their top grind wizard Jake Seeley in the form of his new Street Sweeper signature tire.

The Street Sweeper tire by Sunday, in an effort to squash the sidewall slow-downs, is engineered with dual-compound construction, with a softer compound in the center of the tire for extra grip, while the sidewalls feature a harder compound designed to keep you from losing speed from whatever surface you're rubbing up against. This seems like the perfect solution to the problem while keeping the wider 2.4" size that a lot of riders prefer these days. If you're a fan of the tire "squeak" heard in so many tech edits, the Street Sweeper has you covered, with a semi-slick directional pattern and a smooth center patch that will remind you of its extra grip every time you land. Jake's bikes the last few years have been pretty colorful, and his signature tire is no different, with purple and lime green options along with the traditional black. The Street Sweepers tip the scales at 25.8oz, which isn't the lightest tire in the world but street riding requires a tougher tire so the extra rubber isn't unwelcome, and even though a lot of kids these days are running 60psi and under, the Sweepers can handle up to 100psi.

The Street Sweeper tire by Sunday is available now for only $22.99 at any of your favorite Sunday retail locations or your preferred mailorder of choice. While you’re picking up new tires, why not spruce up the rest of your ride with some Seeley parts like his signature grips, tiger dye seat, or Street Sweeper bars, which are all also available. For all Sunday product info, check out today, and be sure to follow both the brand & Jake on Instagram @sundaybikes and @thejakeseeley respectively.