BMX bikes have come a long way over the last few years and are stronger, lighter, and more simplified than ever. But that hunk of metal between your legs is much more high-tech than you probably realize. And the BMX market is immersed with countless brands boasting products comprised of many subtle specs, features, and details that you may or may not understand. While having fun and learning new tricks is priority number one, becoming more familiar with your bike and knowing a little more about the how/why of the parts on display at your local rider owned shop can't hurt. In short, you should know your roll.

And speaking of rider owned shops, and knowing your roll, with over 15 years of BMX to his name and Albe's to his fame, the one and only Dane Wild knows the how/whys of BMX bikes and parts backward and forward. From his years as a sponsored rider for FBM, Etnies, and Albe's, to his firsthand experience working retail at Albe's for the last four years, there's hardly a bike part that hasn't crossed his path at least once. Safe to say, Dane knows his stuff, and he'll be here once a week to share his knowledge and help explain the specs and features to help you… know your roll. —Jeff Z.

In the early 2000s, there were only a handful of crank options. Now, every company under the sun has a set or two. Fit went to the mountains to discover this set. Going with the natural evolution of BMX products, we seem to be going back to "bigger is better" mentality but with the mindset of "bigger can be lighter, and smarter." That's where we end up with Fit's 24mm 48 spline 3 piece Indent cranks.

Crank Arms

Crank Arms

Using a larger spindle, it allows for it to be more hollow, using less material and boom, lighter! Imagine trying to bend a larger diameter pipe, this is the theory here. The 24mm size strengthens the spindle, and makes it less likely to succumb to twisting. These cranks, similar to their 19mm version, features the unique concave shaped sides to increase strength and help them from not denting while doing crank arm related tricks. The indenting gives a squared shape to the top of the arms, helping with aforementioned crank arm tricks.

The cranks are both Left Hand, and Right Hand Drive compatible (with a micro drive sprocket locator bolt hole for you flatlanders), includes a 24mm MID bottom bracket (a $25 dollar perk, free with the cranks!), and crank spacers to make sure you have the best possible chain alignment. The spindle bolts are broached for both an 8mm and 6mm Allen Wrench. Be aware, not all sprockets will fit these cranks, make sure you look into the specs of the sprockets of choice. Sprockets with a 15/16" bore (inner diameter) will FIT these cranks.

24MM hardware

24MM bearings & hardware kit.

Weighing in at 31.9 oz. (with the bottom bracket) available in matte black, matte white and chrome, in 165, 170, and 175mm sizes. These cranks stay par with most cranks on the market. Remember to grease all the threads with proper bicycle grease, and soon you'll be on your way gapping to rails like Van Homan, and doing all of that front wheel dancing like Shawn Mac.

Please note, if you are upgrading your cranks from your stock cranks, and your frame does not have a MID bottom bracket, these cranks will not be compatible with your frame.

Tools needed for installation:  
Grease (grease the spindle, both spindle bolts, and bottom bracket shell), 6mm and 8mm Allen Wrench, and a block of wood and hammer (for installing the bottom bracket safely, without damage to the bearings).

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