When dialing in the maximum grindability of your bike (I cringed just typing that), there are many different variables to consider. For instance, determining your preferred peg material is a top priority these days, but other things to consider include peg length, which hub guards to run, and for some riders, even figuring out how many pegs to bolt on is a tough decision. But one thing many riders don’t consider is your tires – these play a bigger role than you’d think. Sure, picking the tire for your terrain of choice is key, and if you’re a heavy ledge sessioner (that can’t be a real word), picking a tire with a strong sidewall is important, but think about why you would need a strong sidewall in the first place; if you’re blowing out sidewalls, that means your tires are dragging against whatever you’re sliding on, which also means that your tires are slowing you down. Bruno Hoffmann started noticing the trend as tire sizes grew over the past few years, so he worked with Éclat on some new treads that won't slow your daily grind(s), and the result is their new Predator signature tire.

It’s no secret that tire sizing has ballooned quite a bit over the past 5 years. While big tires have their benefits, one of the biggest downsides, depending on how you look at it, is too much surface contact. Sure, more ground contact means extra grip, but it also means more rolling resistance. Very few people realize that this also means more contact with ledges and rails, meaning that hot new line you’ve been working on for Instagram can be delayed by precious minutes as you struggle to slide that last ledge due to your tires getting in the way. Bruno’s logic behind the Predator is that 2.3″ is the optimum size for grinds, as you still get that big tire feel but the slightly slimmer size keeps your tires from gripping surfaces that they don’t need to. The 120tpi inner construction offers both better flat protection and allows for up to 100psi of inflation, which is another feature meant to keep you moving faster. The tread itself is an amalgamation of different patters that Bruno rode growing up, meant to offer both extra speed and extra grip, and while we’ve talked about how much sidewall drag sucks & how the Predator is designed to avoid it, if you get out of the skate plazas long enough, you’re bound to run into some rough ledges or tetanus-inducing handrails that can shred your tires no matter how careful you are, so Eclat made sure to reinforce the sidewalls to keep you rolling over the harshest conditions. Better safe than sorry, right?

The Éclat Predator Bruno Hoffmann signature tire is available now at Dans Comp and all Éclat retailers on the planet. As we mentioned before, you're only getting size option with these, but you can choose from your traditional black rubber, or Desert Tan with black sidewalls, for those looking to blend in at the beach. The Predator retails for $30.95, but add a buck if you're going with the Desert Tan option. For more on the Predator and all of Éclat's offerings, head over to www.eclatbmx.com now. As if you needed more inspiration to get a new pair of treads, click below to the Predators put to work with a new edit from Bruno himself.

Éclat Predator Bruno Hoffmann Tire
Material: 120 tpi construction, wire bead
Size: 2.3″
Colors: Black, Desert Tan w/black sidewall
Features: 100psi rating, smooth center contact patch, reinforced sidewalls
Weight: 25.92oz