The two most expensive pieces of a BMX bike are the frame and the wheels. In fact, it's not uncommon to hear of riders spending $500+ on a custom wheel set, but thankfully there are plenty of lower cost options for those riders on a tight budget. When it comes to frames, however, the options are much more limited, and in most cases you'll be spending at least $300 to upgrade your steed. But if you're in dire need of a new frame but can't afford some of the pricer, technically-advanced bikes on the market, maybe it's time you take a peek at For the last few years, Robbie Morales and company have done all that they can to cover all bases when it comes to BMX bikes, parts and accessories, and the newest addition to their lineup is a 4130 pro model at the price of a hi-tensile knockoff – the Cult Butter V3 Chase Dehart signature frame.

Chase Dehart has been part of Cult since the very beginning, and it's easy to understand why: his riding is a blend of smoothness and simplicity, and that is reflected in his ride. Consisting of two pegs, no brakes and dressed all in black, it's a setup that will never go out of style – what better rider to model a budget frame after than Chase? Sure, the Butter V3 might not cost much, but with full 4130 construction, it's ready for just as much abuse as its more costly competitors. So what makes the Butter V3 cheaper than it's predecessors? To put it bluntly: the frills. Chase's last Butter frame had cool gussets, features like embossed gussets, removable brake mounts, investment-cast bridges and s-bend chainstays, all of which added "value" to a frame but didn't necessarily improve performance. Chase hasn't run brakes in years, and it's pretty doubtful that any riders looking up to him are running them either, so ditching that option shaves a few bucks off the price. If you look at Chase's recent bike check, you can see how clean his current rig looks, and our archives won't give you any examples of him riding colorful rigs looking to stand out from the crowd. Even something as simple as a stamped logo or translucent paint job can add a good chunk of change to production costs, so ditching all of that and focusing on proper construction and comfortable geometry can help keep a frames cost on the low side, which in turn will help jobless preteens AND working class adults build a solid new bike at an affordable price.

The Cult Butter V3 frame is available now from Dans Comp and all Cult Crew shops. Aside from the new price point, the Butter V3 features new graphics that are a little less pronounced, a taller standover height (8.8″) and 4 new size options (20.5″, 20.75″, 21″, 21.25″). Black is your only color option, but at $249.99, you’ve hopefully got a few extra bucks left for Krylon if you’re looking to customize it yourself. Keep checking for more Chase content this week, and if you haven’t peeped his exclusive new edit, scroll yer lazy ass down a few inches and get to watching.

Cult Butter V3 Frame
Sizes: 20.5″, 20.75″, 21″, 21.25″
Brake Mounts: No
BB Type: Mid
BB Height: 11.8″
Chainstay: 13.45″ – 13.75″
Headtube Angle: 75°
Seattube Angle: 71°
Seattube Height: 8.8″
Seat Clamp: Integrated
Dropout Size: 14mm
Weight: 5 lbs 2.6 oz