Interbike may be a couple months past, and BMX race was certainly a minuscule portion. While that should not be a surprise to many, we were still able to find a hidden gem. The all new Alienation Zenith hubs were on display and are definitely worth talking about.

For the past handful of years instant engagement has been the preferred choice for most racers. Stealth and Onyx have held that market tight, the latter being the #1 hub in BMX right now. A couple of brands have come out with new or updated options, but nothing that has seemed to really give the the instant engagement power houses a run for their money. Enter Alienation. We met up with their brand manager Zach Taylor for the lowdown on what could be a great option for anyone in the market for killer hubs.



The biggest notable on the new hub is the 12K carbon-fiber sleeve that houses all the moving parts. Carbon hubs have not really made an appearance on a large scale in the race scene since Nukeproof produced a line so it is rad to see a brand bringing this back to the market. Adding to the awesome features is the magnetic pawls system. The magnets will never go bad and only need light oil treatment to maintain their performance. In turn you get extremely limited drag and that lovely beehive sound for those who love that. Here is the rest of the breakdown…


Zenith (Rear) Hub 

15MM TA, 3/8" BO

Exclusively Licensed Kappius 240 Point Magnetic Drive System

Asynchronous 1.5 Degree Engagement

12k Carbon Fiber Weave Sleeve

Flanges 6061 T6, 7075 T6 Hardware

300 g (15MM wo TA Axle & Stainless 16T Cog), 325 g (BO wo Bolts)

Zenith (Front) Hubs  

20MM TA, 3/8" BO

12k Carbon Fiber Weave Sleeve

Flanges 6061 T6, 7075 T6 Hardware

175 g (20MM), 200 g (BO wo Bolts)

As you can see, these hubs will bring a solid weight savings over instant engagement options current available. While they may not be true instant engagement, the weight savings and use of magnetic pawls could be worth it. Also, did we mention they are made is America? In an industry where a vast majority of products are made overseas, this is rad to see Alienation keeping production stateside.

For now the rear hub is estimated to be priced between $399.99 and $429.99. We are still waiting on front pricing confirmation. Lastly, Alienation is expecting to have these released by Spring of 2018 but are working on an earlier release date if all goes well.

To see more products from Alienation, visit Stay tuned and we will keep you all in the loop for when they are available for purchase.