We recently got this message from Thomas at KHE about a 2lb flatland frame they are testing out. Taj Mihelich tried out a titanium bike a while back and said it flexed too much, so we are curious as to how it will hold up with flatlanders.

“We have something very interesting for all the lightweight maniacs. A proto TI-frame with a flatland geometry.

The geometry was kept as simple as possible to provide the maximum strength and a minimum of weight.

The frame weighs only 980g. We´ll build up a bike with all the lightweight parts we´ll find in our warehouse to see how far we can push the limits. How light can a serious bike become? You can check out the bike on the next Eurobike for sure.”

Frame facts:
Material: Titanium
TT: 18.8″
CS: 12.9″
HT: 74°
Weight: 980g/2.16lbs