Gyro riders, this is for you. KHE has a long legacy of re-inventing the gyro and their latest system seems to be the cleanest option yet. I’ve never ridden a gyro and would be hard pressed to tell you much about them, but looking at this video, it seems to be pretty damn clean. The main issue being that you’ll have to either feel comfortable enough to modify your existing frame/fork, buy a KHE setup, or hope that other companies are willing to lose the existing gyro tab system now and go with this in the future. Time will tell. For now, check the video and then read a full interview with Affix Rotor inventor and KHE’s founder, Thomas Gring



“KHEbikes presents: The Affix Rotor.

It took time. It took prototypes. It took nerves. It’s a revolution.

Evolution of the F-Set and now without any doubt the cleanest rotor solution on the market.

Out soon!”