Press Release:


This one will give you a little insight in our secret lab!

One of the last products we are working on includes a new way of adjusting the gap of your freecoaster (patent pending) and a dual F-Set rotor (patent pending)!

In order to give you more details about this exciting project, we are revealing the first picture of our first prototype bike.

– Freecoaster with hydro-slack adjustment:
Based on a hydraulic system, we managed to create a freecoaster that can be adjusted directly by the means of a shifter. The hydro-slack adjustment shifter can be placed on the handlebar and allows for an instantaneous slack adjustment (patent pending). No more tools needed, no more time wasted!

– Dual F-Set rotor:
Because many riders still like to ride with brakes, we developed a new dual F-Set system that allows running our new freecoaster with hydro-slack adjustment without having any cable in the way.


As you can see on the technical drawing, you have two internal rotor system in one:
-on top is the F-Set (for rear brake with classic cable pull)
-at the bottom is our new patented internal hydro-rotor (hydraulic system).

Of course, the picture shows our very first prototype of the hydro-slack adjustment freecoaster. Many things may change before going into production, but so far, everything runs smoothly. It is really enjoyable to change the slack of the freecoaster whilst riding!

Watch out for a web edit very soon.


From on April 2, 2010:

“Dear bmx community! Thank you for all the feedback we received about our new innovative hydro slack freecoaster and dual f-set rotor!

You have probably figured it out – it was an obvious April Fools joke!

We know how most of you feel about the F-set rotor! And we thought it was the prefect day to bring it back on the table! This hydro slack adjustment will never happen. The dual F-Set really exists but we developed it already a long time ago as a concept for MTB with hydraulics brakes.  It is always good to be able to laugh about yourself! And it was even better to see all your comments on the web! Thank you!!

Yours truly, the ‘smartest dumb people in BMX.'”