Jonathan Camacho has been making a name for himself this year on the world stage with impressive finishes at major contests such as FISE. Being from a poor family in Ecuador Jonathan has had to fight for everything he has accomplished thus far though coming from poverty puts severe limitations on his riding. If you watch the video you will see that he has a legitimate chance of becoming a top Pro if only he had the resources, so hit the GoFundMe if you want to help him accomplish his dreams. If you need more proof he is worth helping out, check this Trick Fix we did with him earlier this year.

“Jonathan Camacho is a world class freestyle BMX rider. He comes from a small beach town in Ecuador called Playas Villamil. Growing up under the injustice of poverty, he knows that only with determination and drive will he be able to conquer the obstacles in the way of his dreams.

At age 14, he build his own BMX ramp at home. Since then, with support of his friends, family and local sponsors, he manage to compete and win many titles internationally. Now, at age 23, after competing at the FISE World Series 2016, he has positioned himself among the world’s top ten. 

Unfortunately, freestyle BMX is not yet an olympic sport, making him dependent on private donors and local sponsorship. FISE and partners are pushing hard to make it an olympic sport in time for the next games, that way, talented athletes like Jonathan who have limited or no access to training facilities, sponsorship and mentorship can aspire to professional careers.

In the meantime, Jonathan needs our help in order to continue competing at the highest levels. Travel, equipments and medical expenses add up over the course of the competitive season, and Jonathan needs our support to remain competitive.”