Over the past few years, we’ve been seeing Jonathan Camacho‘s name pop up more and more from crazy clips on Instagram to a ton of contests like Simple Session, and he’s always doing something insane. Even though Jonathan has been on fire, it seems like a lot of riders haven’t quite realized just how good he is. Here’s a fresh edit from a trip that Mike “Hucker” Clark took to Ecuador to ride with Jonathan on some of his local spots. If this doesn’t completely blow your mind and make Jonathan a rider that’s clearly on your radar, you’re crazy. So many insane clips from huge tailwhips down stair sets to flip double whips on his local parks little box jump. This is too good not to check out!

We sent California’s very own bar-ride master Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark on an adventure to Ecuador to go to the home of the seriously underrated wild stallion that is Jonathan Camacho (a rider we first featured in DIG 96 back in October 2013). Hucker witnessed Jonathan’s savagery first hand on the streets, trails and parks of his local stomping grounds, and even got to taste some home-cooked Iguana.

Filmed and edited by Hadrien Picard / Produced by This Is Ours X DIG BMX” – DIG