For those of you who don’t know or are too young to know, the Austin Church Gap is a famous gap in Austin, Texas that Jimmy LeVan jumped on the first Road Fools back in 1998. It’s about an 11 stair down, then a street/driveway, then a four stair up. It is far as crap and the runway is less than ideal, and in this clip John Barker somehow escapes death when he barely tags the last step. His bike on the other hand paid the ultimate price.

Here’s Jimmy LeVan pulling it in Road Fools 1. (1:00 mark)

On a side note… Long before Nathan Williams even had any sponsors I saw him (in person) contemplating doing a 180 over this same gap. I wonder who will be the next person to jump the gap or the first person to trick over it? Who do you think? Write it in the comments.