You may have spotted an edit we posted last month (reposted below) featuring Fuzzy and Cam Wood riding with some wireless headphones from the brand JayBird. JayBird also currently has Rob Darden, Alistair Whitton, and Josh Harrington riding with them and testing them. JayBird sent a set of their BlueBuds X over for us to check out and I've gotten some riding time in with them too. I've never been that into riding with headphones on (I almost got hit with a school bus the first time I rode with earphones on), but lots of riders are into it and having the ability to use wireless earbuds is pretty awesome. The Bluetooth technology does have its limitations—specifically distance-wise. If you're at a huge park and your phone/music device is in your bag sitting on one side of the park and you're riding a good distance away you're going to loose the connection. But if you're sessioning a street spot, a mini ramp, or flat, for example, and can keep your device close you'll be fine. Or if you don't mind riding with your device in your pocket you'll be stoked. A risky move, but to each his own. I put my phone in a case that clamps to my bars for a ride on my mountain bike and it was the perfect setup. I can totally see riding trails like this, but not really a session where a lot of crashing would be happening—more of a chill flow day or just cruising. The buds feature "secure fit ear cushions" that fit into the bowl of your ear lobes and help them stay in really well. Various size eartips are included too.

The days of feeding a cord through your shirt, and getting it snagged and tangled while trying to ride are over. If you're into riding with music in your ears, you'll definitely want to give these a try. The BlueBuds X retail for $169.99 —Keith

The BlueBuds X (in Midnight Black) come with everything you see here for $169.99.

The Micro USB charging port.

A simple three button controller makes syncing and adjusting volume easy.

The earphones can be worn under the ear or over.

The BlueBuds X in Storm White.

Tim "Fuzzy" Hall and Cam Wood are 2 names that will likely come up in any conversation about BMX. Both riders have a Passion for their craft that is undeniable and are living legends in the world of BMX. Whether it is building and maintaining the infamous Tanner Trails in our own backyard here in Utah, to spreading their love for BMX across the globe…these two are not planning on slowing down anytime soon.