Jason Enns has been killling it for over 20 years! Here’s some early Enns footage of him shredding his local stomping grounds back in 1997. This was super progressive ramp riding for it’s time and he was dialed enough to film a full video in one night! It’s awesome to see how Jason eventually took all those skills to the streets once he moved to Vancouver and then eventually to California.

“Jason hit me up recently and told me that he had found some footage of him riding his old local park in Winnipeg! I obviously was stoked to get this up here! You may remember this park from old Poor Boy & Allied videos the featured Jason, Dave Osato, & Steve Roy riding there! Jason was still riding for Basic at this time and i think made the move to Kink shortly after! Anyone else out there get to ride this place? It looked pretty fun!” —Shad Johnson, Snakebite

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