Press Release:

Bikedice is a new, exiting game consisting of four dice with trick names on each side.

Play the game of B.I.K.E  with The Original Bikedice.

Playing B.I.K.E is similar to S.K.A.T.E or H.O.R.S.E.

Roll the Bikedice. Attempt the individual trick or combination that shows on the dice. If the trick is landed everyone else playing must land the same trick. Whoever does not land the trick gets a letter "B.” Roll the dice again and the game continues.
The object of the game of Bikedice is to land tricks so that you don't gain letters. Once you spell B.I.K.E you are out of the game and the winner takes all.

Two or more players. From beginner to pro. Bikedice can be played anywhere. Street, ledges, rails, parks, and trails…

Challenge your friends and have fun trying new tricks.