Fly Racing has been the dominant name in BMX race gear for a heavy part of the past decade. Throughout that time, they have certainly had products people raved about, but also had a few jeers as well. Their innovation and growth have certainly continued to keep them ahead.

The release of their F2 carbon series helmets featuring Multi Directional Impact Protection, MIPS for short, was a major push towards rider safety. During a time where head injuries were the leading topic, the F2 MIPS helmet gave riders a perfect option to help prevent those injuries. Sure 6D was the first to offer such substantial tech in a helmet designed for maximum safety, but the F2 brought the price point into a realm of affordability across the board.

While the entire line of Fly Racing products is strong, a missing link still existed. Their team realized they had no product to compete directly with the high end cycling specific full-face lids. That is an area Troy Lee Designs has dominated in for years. Their line of ridiculously lightweight carbon BMX lids have always been the go-to for someone in search of that style helmet. No longer is that the case. Fly Racing has come out swinging with the introduction of their all-new Werx helmet.

So what exactly is the Werx helmet? This is the first offering Fly Racing has ever created to compete head on with the Troy Lee Designs D3, Bell's Full 9, and the 100% Aircraft. All of these helmets are high end, extremely light weight, and a racer's dream. While Fly may be the last to enter the dance, they certainly came fighting for the crown.

The Werx name was not just a gimmick, the design team at Fly Racing put everything they had into this piece, including the kitchen sink. Kind of like the car wash when you can get "the works" and it includes everything. Fly is doing just that with this bad boy and hit it completely out of the park.

The new high end offering from the Boise, ID based company has a complete top shelf design and utilizes premium carbon and Kevlar to provide substantial strength. At the same time this also allowed them to keep it light weight. At 950 and 930 grams for their two different Werx models, it makes it the lightest helmet on the market. When wearing it, it is hard to tell that you even have a helmet on.



Two different models you say? The Fly guys are offering this new lid with a couple of options. The Ultra graphic is a standard design. The Rival graphic, and heavier of the two, adds in the MIPS system. For those willing to shell out fifty extra greenbacks, you get one of the best protection systems on the market. Each of the two graphics come in three colorways for a total of six different options. This will certainly leave you covered no matter which kit you ride with that day. Each model also features quick-snap style cheek pads that are extremely easy to remove in the case of injury. That is a feature growing in popularity, and now Fly has also adapted it in an efficient way.

Airflow was key in the Werx design. There are 18 intake and six exhaust vents placed strategically throughout the helmet. The 24 total vents definitely keep your head cool on the hot days. A cool head will ensure your riding day gets extended. As an added benefit, the design team integrated the use of the Coolmax liner, something hugely successful in GMAX helmets. It gives your skin a cool feeling while the anti-microbial benefit keeps the stank out of your fresh lid. Nobody likes a helmet that smells like rotted goods, so this is a huge plus for the helmet.

One feature I saw as an added benefit, especially when you are out practicing on your own, is the ability to integrate a speaker set up. All the wires tuck away neatly in specifically designed channels. Another added bonus for track dads would be adding a mic set up. While you cannot use that system during a race, it helps you communicate with your little shredder and coach them during their track sessions while watching from the sidelines.

Another thing that every rider loves is a wide viewing window. There are countless helmets I have worn and wished the visibility was better. The Werx helmet granted that wish. The first time I strapped this beauty on my head was the amount of visibility I had. So much so that I could utilize almost every bit of my peripheral vision. This can come in handy when you have a competitor right next to you and now have the ability to see their movements in order to hold them off and keep your position.

Fly Racing absolutely crushed this one out of the park. It may have taken a while for them to enter this segment of helmet offerings, but they are doing it right. With over two years of development, it certainly paid off. There is enough tech packed in here to make any engineer stoked. Maximum weight savings, superb air venting, first-class safety, and a whole ton of RAD!

Pricing starts at $395.95 for the non-MIPS and jumps to $449.95 for the MIPS equipped lid. That extra fifty bones are worth it to have an added chunk of safety. The guys at Fly have told us they will be ready to rock with their new helmet at the USA BMX Grand Nationals held over Thanksgiving weekend in Tulsa, OK. All of the major vendors should have them on hand and the Fly team will be on site to give everyone a hands on experience and answer any questions.