I honestly know nothing about Ryan Taylor other than what I saw in the day in the life and that one split edit between him and AJ Anaya, but all personal opinions people may have about him aside, the dude can ride a bike. Check this promo for what I believe is his own company and his own signature frame.

“Hello Viewers!
So you’ve seen the teaser for this video part, and I’m happy to announce its finally live! Although a little later then wanted, due to slow upload speeds. So apologies about that!
Anyway I’m stoked with the work I’ve put into this edit, and I hope you guys enjoy watching it!
I feel I should say a thank to a few people, as this video wouldn’t have been possible without their kind help:
Jerry at Rush Skatepark, Jason at Barrows Skatepark, Matt Jones for letting us use his compound, Sebastian Keep, Darren Ellison (Dellison27), and anyone else I’ve forgotten to mention!
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Filming & Editing credit: Scott Pattenden 
Additional Filming credit: Greg Childs
@scott_pattenden – Instagram