When you’re a younger rider, sometimes you’re not looking for just one video about a subject–you’re looking for a bunch. I remember being a young BMXer and fiending to get my hands on another video the second the one I was watching concluded. If you’re one of these kinds of kids, you’re in luck–and going to learn a lot. We try and cover the whole spectrum of BMX riding and with our how to videos the same philosophy applies–so naturally a “how to feeble 180” video might not do it for someone that might be into a “how to one footed table” edit. That being said, we’ve wrangled up 10 of our most elementary street how to videos so you can get the basics down. If you’re a younger rider, get clicking and playing through our videos below to get your feeble 180s, wallrides, and more down pat.

How to manual 180 with Aaron Smith

How to feeble hard 180 with Bruno Hoffmann

How to barspin with Darryl Tocco

How to nosebonk 180 with Sean Sexton

How to overgrind with Sean Morr

How to take a drop with Shawn McIntosh

How to nosewheelie with Chad Kerley

How to bump jump with Andrew Jackson

How to wallride with Dakota Roche

Ride BMX Basics