Hi,I have a question. Whenever I jump my handlebars move down. How can I fix this?
Jeremy Turner

It seems that your bars are slipping in your stem. There are a number of solutions to this problem. Unfortunately, you may find that none of them work and you need to buy a new stem.

The first thing to try is sanding the paint off of your handlebars at the area where the stem clamps on to them. Sometimes the paint can cause them to slip because the paint is to thick over the knurling. Don’t sand too much or you will take off all the knurling on your bars. Just sand enough to rough up the paint.

The second thing to do is to make sure that the bolts on your stem are tightened evenly. If you have a stem that clamps on the front like this Solid stem you’ll want to have equal spacing between the face of the stem and the actual body of the stem on both the top and the bottom.

Be sure to center the handlebars in the stem.

If you have a stem that clamps together like this Demolition stem, where the face clamps on from the top then you want to make sure that you have equal spacing in the front of the stem and the back of the stem.

This is a top-clamping stem. Make sure you have an equal amount of space at the front bolts and the back bolts.

When you tighten the bolts on the stem you will want to do a “four-cross” pattern. This means that you need to tighten the bolts in an X pattern. You’ll also want to make sure that your bars are centered in the stem. You don’t want to have your handlebars lop-sided in your stem.

This is a front-clamping style stem. Make sure you have equal space between the top and the bottom.