A few weeks back the Fit Bike Co. team made their way to Albuquerque, New Mexico to explore the spots! The full video from that trip hasn’t dropped yet, but Stephan August dropped this new The Hourglass Theory video from the trip filled with clips that the whole squad filmed during the trip. There’s no shortage of heat in this one, so tune in and check out 13 minutes of clips!

TheHourglassTheory presents “On The Card” ABQ ft. Brandon Begin, Charles Littlejohn, Brandon James, Stephan August, and Tony Malouf.

Couple dapper young lads having a time in lovely Albuquerque New Mexico, enjoy.

Filmed by: Tony Malouf & Stephan August

Edited by: Stephan August

Music: Intro – Let’s Twist Again by Chubby Checker

Part 1 – “D.A.M.N.” by Skippa Da Flippa Ft. Sauce Walka

Part 2 – Fuck It Up by OCHO

Part 3 – Lifestyle by Stlndrms

Part 4 – Deadlocs by Blueface

Outro – Drabbad av sjukdom by Död Mark