The Dirty-One-Thirty is the latest creation from the minds at Hoffman Bikes.Don’t let Matt’s vert image fool you, the Dirty-One-Thirty is a serious trails (and street) machine. Hoffman Bike’s Chad Kagy went off on the Dirty-One-Thirty in Street and Dirt at the X Games, so that’s a pretty good test in itself.

For ’99 and beyond, Hoffman Bikes has made each of its complete bikes available in several different models. We rode the Pro Team Series version of the Dirty-One-Thirty, which is the top-of-the-line, real deal machine, complete with three-piece Primo cranks. This bike is designed to be ready for even the toughest trails right out of the box. There are several other models available with different prices and components, so there is a Dirty-One-Thirty for every level rider.

Sheep Hill’s local Chris Slope was nice enough to give the Hoffman a little bit of a beating for us. Chris got used to the bike pretty quickly regardless of the fact that some flatlander put it together with the bars too high. Within a couple of minutes, Chris was taking the bike through some of the hardest sets at Sheep without any problems. After finding an allen wrench, Chris was able to fix the flatland disaster, which had overcome the bike, and continued to ride the hell out of it. At some point Chris asked, “Hey, what do you do with this when you’re done?” I took that to mean that he liked the bike, or at least thought he could sell it. Unfortunately for Chris, test bikes go back to the companies when we’re done with them.

Other than the inevitable coating of Southern California dust, we didn’t do any kind of substantial damage to the Dirty-One-Thirty. Chris did perform the illustrious “no-footer-lander” which tweaked the seat back, but a quick turn of the wrench fixed that problem.

All in all, the bike withstood our abuse very well. If you’re looking for a new dirt and street machine, check the Dirty-One-Thirty out. You won’t be disappointed.

Hoffman Dirty-One-Thirty Pro Team Series Specs
Price: $729 as tested
Colors: Black, green, chrome
Top tube length: 20.75″
Chainstay length: 14.125″-15.5″
Top tube O.D.: 1.37″
Down tube O.D.: 1.5″
Head tube angle: 74-degrees
Seat tube angle: 70-degrees
Misc.: The Pro Team Series features Primo three-piece cranks and Dirt Monster tires, Hoffman High Roller wheels, and Super Forks with built in peg bosses. The bike is constructed of 100% 4130 Chromoly.
Contact: Hoffman Bikes 4307 N. Walnut, Oklahoma City, OK 73105. (405) 528-4130, or