Another contest, another win for Garrett Reynolds. Garrett’s win at this years Simple Session had me thinking about just how long he’s been on the forefront of progression in BMX. Which then led me to thinking, when has Garrett not been at the forefront of our sport? After some crate digging, I found the Nation BMX ‘Non Stop’ DVD, which happens to be home to a bonus section of a 15/16 year old Garrett.  Though Garrett was no household name at the time, he was most definitely making the older dudes sweat.  I gave the OG filmer, Wade Young a shout and asked him to share a few words about filming this (an numerous others) section with Garrett.  Check out what he had to say below:

“The NationBMX trip was unlike most of the trips I’ve covered. I’ve done plenty of road trips, but I had never really gone on one with so many “park” riders.  Unfortunately, a few of the team’s riders did not make the trip, Garrett Reynolds being among them.  However, even though Garrett could not make the trip he still put together his own video part to go into the bonus section of the road trip DVD.

I was fortunate enough to spend some years riding and filming with Garrett. At first I would see him at Woodward or at the local contests absolutely killing it. Then, as the years went by we became friends, which led to some of the wildest footage I’ve clocked.  Garrett… Garrett… uhh, yeah… Garrett was Garrett. He’s always ridden the same way. He tells you what he wants to do and he does it. Usually, with little error. I’m not at all surprised he’s at the top of the charts. He’s always killed it and had a ton of fun in the process. I loved shooting his first “street” section for Shook’s “Like Totally” DVD. All I could think was, “Holy Shit, no one rides street like this.” Nowadays, about 10 years later, Garrett’s style has become the norm. Although, I still believe he does it best.”

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