With a couple of the biggest and most glamorous BMX contests ever just right around the corner it seems like a good time to examine some roots. In the early 2000’s FBM was putting on these “Ghetto Street” comps and gritty, deadly, and downright awesome. Anyone who showed up early was a ramp builder, and ramps were made almost entirely out of salvaged materials and forged into something that was somehow ride-able. Cars, dumpsters, and even Penske trucks were turned into ramps. Looking at the obstacles its pretty impressive people could even ride them let alone do some pretty wild tricks like a 900 on a quarter made of pallets. Maybe if we all prod them enough or started a Kickstarter we could convince Crandall and FBM into putting on another one of these.

“The FBM Ghetto Jam in 2004 is one of the most legendary events in BMX history. Todd Seligman produced this for the now defunct Fuel TV Network. It is on display here as an example of Gilbert & Seligman Production Group’s action sports productions.”