Lately there has been a lot of helmet talk circulating the BMX world and after having a few discussions with some people that work at Vans, we decided to make a quick, educational post about the different types of helmets that Pro-Tec offers. Here’s what Pro-Tec’s bike and skate product line manager had to say.

“I was hoping to educate people a bit on the different types of liners we use in our skate styled helmets(Classic, B2, Ace, Bucky). In the Classic we use regular EPS foam like everyone else on the market. In the Ace & B2 we use our patented SXP liner material that has similar impact absorbing qualities as EPS, but doesn't crack as easy and has the ability to rebound back to it's original shape after an impact(similar to memory foam), making it the only true multi impact CPSC/CE/ASTM certified bicycle helmet on the market.

Compare the SPX and EPS hard foams inside the Pro-Tec helmets.

We also still have our old school soft 2-stage foam liner that isn't certified for bicycle use, but people still love it because of the softness and ability to form to pretty much any head shape. We have this liner available in the Classic Bucky and the Fullcut helmet as their only option. But, we also offer a 2-stage soft foam liner version in the Classic, B2, and Ace models as well. Unfortunately we can’t sell any 2-stage soft foam models in CA due to more stringent helmet regulations here. But you can find them in the other 49 states, sold in skate shops since they still don't meet any bicycle safety regulations by the CPSC, CE, or ASTM. I personally recommend using a helmet with either the EPS or SXP liner as these are certified for bicycle use in every country and will make a huge difference in the event of a hard impact to your dome.”
– Sean Methven
Vans’ product line manager – bike & skate.

Ace helmet with SXP liner material.

B2 helmet with SXP liner material.

Classic helmet with 2-stage foam. (*Note: This helmet is not certified for bicycle use.)