Keith Mulligan called to inform us that he’s up at Woodward West shooting a photo of Allan Cooke doing a stunt for a show called Stunt Junkies that’ll appear on the Discovery Channel soon. What kind of stunt? Well, as of now, Allan has set up an eight foot quarter, and wall-tapped a helicopter hovering about eight feet over the quarter. The ultimate goal is to icepick the skid of the hovering helicopter (Just before this story went live, Keith called to inform us that Allan pulled it). Keith is working on trying to poach some footage of the fiasco, so we may get something online for you tomorrow or the next day.

Here’s the ramp setup complete with forklift practice sub-box.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Wind was a huge factor all day-both from the weather and from the helicopter. Here Allan warms up with an icepick on the forklift sub-box eight feet off the quarter.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Imagine aiming at a two-foot-high sub-box which was hovering eight feet off the deck and was constantly moving up and down, back and forth. Helicopter walltap minutes before the icepick. Check the May issue of Ride for the icepick and interview with Allan.  credit: Keith Mulligan