If you haven’t seen Harry killing it before, you will soon. He’s from England, but you’ll finally be seeing him in the U.S. this year. Check out his setup that he claims he’s in love with at the moment.

Name: Harry Main
Age: 17
Location: Liverpool, England
Sponsors: Nike 6.0, KHE Bikes, TSG Protection

Frame: 20.6″ KHE barbados
Fork: KHE Cirrus, 14mm dropouts
Bars: KHE Cirrus 8″
Stem: Mankind
Grips: KHE
Barends: Profile
Detangler: SNAFU
Headset: KHE
Clamp: KHE
Seatpost: Animal Stump
Seat: Federal Pivitol
Cranks: KHE Hindenburg
Sprocket: KHE Rotor
Chain: KHE Gusset half-link
Brakes: Fly
Cable: SNAFU
Brake Lever: Odyssey
Front Tire: KHE folding
Front Wheel: Profile Mini orange hub, Odyssey Hazard 36 spoke, Ti axle, 14mm
Rear Tire: KHE folding, 1.5″
Rear Wheel: Profile Mini orange cassette, Odyssey Hazard 36 spoke, Ti axle and Ti driver
Pegs: KHE Alchemy plastic
Pedals: KHE Gusset magnesium with Ti axles

Cut axles, cut seat tube down, drilled gyro tabs onto the frame.

Which parts do you go through the most?
I’d have to say either tires or pedals, but neither are too often.

Describe your bike setup and how you like your bike to feel…
I like my bike to feel kinda used; like worn in but at the same time nice and fresh and new…dialed in.

Do you remember your first “real” BMX bike?
Yeah, my first real BMX bike was a Haro F5. It was amazing the day I got it!

What is the gold bracelet around your top tube for?
BMXMasters wristband. But I just cut it off, haha.

Which kind of Nike 6.0 shoes do you prefer to ride in and why?
I’d have to say either Oncore Zoom or Mogan. They’re both nice and comfortable but at the same time they have a really strong sole and body!

Your bike seems really light, and you go really high; are you concerned with weight and do you think that helps you air better?
Erm I guess it definitely helps, that's why the kids now in 2000 progress a lot faster than the kids back in the day. But my bike is crazy light. I have it with a tiny bit of weigh behind it so I can get a really good pump out of it, but I still like it light for throwing whips around. At the moment I’m in love with my setup.

I just want to thank all my sponsors for supporting me, and my parents for helping me at any given opportunity.