This photo is not backwards. The drive system is on the left. photo: Mike Varley

Haro sent us an exclusive photo of the all-new 2001 Mirra Flair. Look closely and you’ll notice that the Mirra Flair comes stock with a left side drive system. In fact, the 2001 Mirra Pro, Mirra Flair, Blammo, and Shredder all come with a left side drive (LSD). These bikes can also be used with a right hand drive system so you can pick your drive side to keep your sprocket/chain out of the way on grinds. Haro is the first company to offer this on a complete bike.

Here’s how it works. Haro crimped the left side chainstays, added a locator pin on the left crank arm, produced a hub that accepts a freewheel on either side, and teamed up with ACS to utilize their new SouthpawTM freewheel. These bikes are sure to make waves next year.