Here’s a fresh one the guys at Freedom BMX over in Germany put together from some summer session action that went down in Riga, Latvia. This one is stacked with familiar faces like Reed Stark, Bruno Hoffmann, Mark Burnett, Mati Lasgoity, Felix Prangenberg, Eddie Baum and more! Good vibes and real dialed riding. Take a look!

Actually, the plan for this episode of our “Happy Days” series was to unleash Bruno Hoffmann and Felix Prangenberg on the streets of Riga. Yes, actually … But then the injury pitch hit mercilessly. First Bruno braked shortly before our trip to Latvia during the filming of the new Federal DVD twice in a row with the face (more on this in our anniversary edition) and had therefore already announced in advance that he would probably not ride a bike in Riga, and then it caught Felix at the GGFest in Ventspils. And so we had to reschedule locally, but that was not a problem, because of the Simple Summer Session, a bunch of pros in the city, including Reed Stark, Mark Burnett, Mati Lasgoity and part of the kunstform team, were just a few call. So, a motley crowd from all over the world, and despite the great heat that swept through Europe last summer, was not only bathed and drinking beer, but in fact also cycled from time to time. And pretty good, as you can see in the video above. Motivated by the good vibes, even Bruno and Felix bit their teeth together over and over again, and so the greedy Producerdudes could still dust off a few clips of the two. Thank you for your commitment, men! Here is the result.

Video: The Medialist
2. Camera: Eddie Baum, Felix Prangenberg, Merlin Czarnulla, Bruno Hoffmann
” – Freedom BMX